Theobald Owusu-Ansah is President of the Hepatitis Foundation of Ghana, and the Hepatitis Coalition of Ghana, as well as being a Board Member at the National Association of Hepatitis Task Force in the USA. In addition, he is member of Patient Advisory Council of the Hepatitis Foundation International, Scientific Advisor of the Focus Scientific Research Centre. He is former Regional Board member, representing Africa, at the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA).
Theobald has a passion and commitment to the eradication of human suffering and lack of unbiased information and support available to Hepatitis patients in Africa and Ghana. As a result, he founded the Hepatitis Foundation of Ghana in 2007 to champion the cause of carriers of the hepatitis virus in Ghana and beyond.
To coordinate activities of NGO’s working in the field of viral hepatitis in Ghana, in 2013 He created Hepatitis Coalition of Ghana. Theobald has written six articles online publications on viral hepatitis and also involved in Hepatitis Research in Africa. He works with Hepatitis Patients, Government, Health care Professionals and general public.