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Gut Bacteria: Astonishing Impact of Viruses

The Gut Microbiome plays a very essential role in Gut Health and Health as well. In the last blog, we have come across how Gut Microbiome can affect our Hormones. In recent researches, the scientist found that how viruses that kill the gut bacteria can influence the microbes.

The microbes within us are very necessary, scientists are trying to make a way to moderate them to improve health and fight disease is still a long way off.

The main reason for this is the complexity of the Gut Microbiome. It is not a single, homogeneous element, but it is a large number of microscopic elements that interact, influence, and prevent their neighbors, capable of killing, nourishing and communicating with each other.

In the scene with the complexity of the microbiome, researches are facing the next level of complexity called Bacteriophages.

Bacteriophages or phages are the viruses that kill the Gut Bacteria. Phages are specific too, they only kill particular species of Bacteria. Phages are used as a medicine to fight against infections, before the advent of Antibiotics, phages are used to cure or fight against the infections. However, with the discovery of antibiotics the usage of phages is stopped because the antibiotics are cheaper and easier to produce than the phages.

Bacteriophages can be found in large quantity in the gut, but the behavior is still not clear. Some people are using phage therapy, i.e. using phages to kill off microbes. Researchers found that phages are the real hunters; any given phage only attacked the specific species of Bacteria, that phage would also affect other species, some species flourish and some abate.

Phages can modulate the metabolites, it affects the mammalian host.

The effects of the microbiome are difficult to understand before the advent of phages, so designing a medical intervention is a long way off.

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