Rhonda Small is the board and president of the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association for over 8 years, improving visibility beyond the United States for this disease. Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association are in the Canadian, Australian and some European countries, but would like to expand worldwide for awareness and patient support.
Her husband had esophageal cancer and passed away in 2008. She have taken over the operation of his businesses including several Harley Davidson dealerships, an airport and other entities.
She is in close communication with local gastroenterologists, thoracic surgeons and community leaders to bring this cancer out of the ‘rare’ catagory and into more broad awareness.
One of her goals is to reach out to gastroenterologists all over the world to help us help these patients, assist in earlier diagnosis and better patient outcomes.
She have been a speaker several times before the FDA, and try to reach out to as many entities as possible to raise awareness for esophageal cancer.