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Gastroenterology hospitals abroad and Medical tourism. Welcome to the Health and Medical Tourism Directory established 2015. Our primary focus is on connecting high-quality and low-cost hospitals in the world with international patients seeking the best medical care and relief to their health problems.
Medical tourism, contrary to what general population may think, is not a new concept. In fact, it dates as far back as Ancient Greece. It has now evolved into a tourism branch, providing patients with opportunity to travel and at the same time receive the most affordable medical care in foreign countries.

The Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association (ECAA) is an organization dedicated to providing outreach for esophageal cancerpatientscaregivers, and survivors; to increase public awareness of this disease, and to provide education and information in a supportive environment. The ECAA is a purely volunteer group with unpaid officers.
*Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association is dedicated to supporting patients and caregivers, donating to research and raising awareness with an all volunteer  network.
*There are benefits to supporting the patients and caregivers while going through treatment.
*The earlier diagnosis with awareness pays off in survival rates and care costs.
*Support from the Gastro drs. and care team helps us help the patients.
*The assistance of better screening by Gastros leads to better outcomes and earlier diagnosis which is critical to these patients.
*Gastros who will support our awareness and patient work are crucially needed to help with the low survival rates of those afflicted.